What We Do

  • Website Design
  • Digital Business Marketing
  • Logo Creation
  • SEO Strategy
  • Social Media Management

What We Also Do

  • Creation Of An Education Foundation For School Districts (WE CAN ALSO PROCURE FUNDING FOR IT)
  • Not charge you a huge amount of money for our services

Revitalize Comanche is so thankful for Sarah and her company, Chaos Media. We saw a huge increase in sales for both of our businesses, the Comanche Mercantile and the Soda Shop. A big thanks goes out to Sarah and helping us to market our two businesses.
Kristi Taylor – President of Revitalize Comanche

Sarah is awesome when it comes to marketing. She is creative, innovative, reliable, and cost effective. She can help you, no matter what your needs are. Melody Volz – Comanche, Texas Rep For The Texas Golden Nugget Region


Sarah Childers…..is there anything she can’t do? She is one of my favorite people. She is a novelist, owns multiple businesses, has sat on city council, and was a beloved art teacher at the school. Just by existing, she makes the world a better place. That woman is defiantly a go getter and succeeds in everything that she sets out to do. You are an idiot if you do not work with her.
——–Lisa Moore, Owner of Lisa’s Coffeehouse, DeLeon, Texas

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